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the pokémon kink meme


✘  Pick any pairing, any kink and post anonymously.

✘  All combinations of characters and/or pokemon is allowed, but OCs are not.

✘  Fill the prompts! And remember that multi-fills are awesome!

✘  IP logging is on but it doesn't change or do anything. off for now

✘  Hate is meant for the anon meme

✘  Any complaints, questions, trolls in dire need of reporting and so on will be answered here

✘  1-SENTENCE FILLS part one and part two



Metapod silently huffed and puffed as he was shoved back and forth, Caterpie mounting at his rear and Butterfree grasping the cocoon's slick form as she grinded against the pointed head. The cocoon had little say in the matter, but didn't at all mind; the rough pushing and shoving on both ends invoked pangs of ecstasy with each thrust as his long form hardened tightly, a gradual but firm process. Metapod could feel the Butterfree's sweet scent taunting his senses, but before he could restrain himself, the cocoon spontaneously blew a wad of string shot all over the vicinity and coated the threesome with his white essence.

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Kris/Lyra. Fierce hatesex.

1/2: Sorry if you meant BDSM-style hatesex.


It happened so quickly Lyra didn't have time to think. One moment, she was walking through Ilex Forest. The next? Pinned to a tree, her chest heaving against thick trunk as a hand shoved her cheek against the rough bark. She couldn't look over her shoulder at who it was, but she knew.

"You know what you did? You ruined my life!" the girl behind her screamed.

For someone who wasn't much bigger than she was, the other girl from New Bark had some muscle. Her body forced Lyra's up against the tree. One of her hands twisted Lyra's arm, and the girl whimpered with the searing pain.

"You don't even know who I am, do you?" she drawled. "Say my name."

Lyra didn't answer. The girl's hand grasped her arm until it started going numb. Still, Lyra stayed silent, steeling herself and keeping the emotion off her face. She knew one wrong move, and that girl might do something she might regret.

"Say it!" she snapped.

Right then, Lyra felt her lips curl into a sneer. She couldn't help it. "Kris."

The girl's grip relaxed slightly. She was hesitating. Lyra guessed Kris hadn't thought this all the way through, that the girl wasn't expecting her to know her name. Either way, it didn't matter to Lyra. Seizing this chance, she twisted out of Kris's grip. Hands latched onto arms, and Lyra pushed forward until Kris fell onto her back on the soft earth. Lyra stayed on top of her, hands pressing Kris's arms into the dirt. One of her knees pinned down one of Kris's, but the other jammed itself into the blue-haired girl's thigh. She could feel the hard muscles underneath the smooth skin. The girl was an athlete, after all; this shouldn't have been so surprising, given how easily Kris pinned her against the tree.

Yet, that didn't scare Lyra. One of her hands trailed up Kris's side until it cupped her chin. Kris looked at her with wide-eyed surprise for a brief instant, but it instantly turned into a scowl. Why she didn't just shove Lyra off her, the brunette couldn't tell. Whatever reason there might have been, Lyra had no intention of wasting all the moments she had being on top of Kris.

"You've got some attitude," she said. "I didn't choose to replace you, you know. If it was up to me, I wouldn't take away that reason to exist you keep going on about. Is that what this is about?"

Kris didn't say anything. Her expression was stone-cold.

Ignoring her expression, Lyra let her hand wander down Kris's side. "I didn't want to hurt you, Kris. I liked you. You're the one who came before me. You're like a big sister to me. And I hate that you keep blaming me when you should be asking them why they gave me your role."

"So, what are you going to do?" Kris growled.

Lyra's hand found the waistband of Kris's tight, spandex bicycle shorts. Her fingers snaked under them and pulled them down enough to expose Kris's crotch.

"About them? Nothing. But you?" Lyra leaned in until she was whispering into Kris's ear. "I'm gonna make you love me."

Her lips planted onto Kris's cheek. Fingertips found Kris's clitoris. Two spread the fleshy lips apart and one rough one flicked against the warm pink underneath. Kris gasped with surprise and arched her back a little as Lyra found a surprise of her own. The blue-haired girl was already wet and slick, a fact that made a sly grin crawl across the brunette's face. She trailed kisses along Kris's neck as the other finger traced the curve of her womanhood. Teeth nipped at Kris's earlobe while a finger slipped inside her.

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Gengar/Froslass, please! :3

Denial, Ice Bondage - Gengar x Frosslass

"Gengar doesn't agree with this," the Ghost-type gasped, trying to sound sullen.

Frosslass, unperturbed, ran an icy-cold hand across his stomach. The purple phantom had both hands trapped in ice, although he probably wouldn't have been too reluctant regardless.

She smiled, a chilling (pun intended) grin that brought a little shiver to the aroused Gengar's spine.

"Couldn't you let Gengar out of this position? It is rather uncomfortable and Gengar has had back problems recently."

"Not on your life," Frosslass whispered, frozen arms drifting towards his now-straining cock. She traced little circles around it with her delicate white fingertips. The sleeve-like part of her arm brushed against the inside of Gengar's leg, and he moaned aloud, pulling away rather half-heartedly. Frosslass smiled, cupping his balls and toying with them. "You've waited a long time for this, haven't you? Enjoy it."

At this point Gengar was swimming in a fog of arousal, arching to meet her hand she wrapped those fingers around his cock and gasping out a delusional protest, apparently deaf to her words.

"And, um- ohh- d-did you really have to mm leave Gengar like that? I thought you had disappeared. And that you were a man. Unnhh!"

She'd paused in pumping his stiff length and leaned over to kiss it, spiny lips frozen and sensitive on his head, bringing cold that shot through his body and caused him to cry out loudly with the sensation.

He panted, giant mouth wide as his red eyes, and looked up to her for release.

Frosslass smirked. Kissed him again, this time on the cheek. "Sssee you next year."

"N-no!" he whimpered, actually whined, and tried to wrench one pudgy purple arm from the ice that bound it, cock throbbing.

Her smile faded into the snow as he struggled.

And then she was gone.

(i wonder who you could be)

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Lucas/Dawn, grown up, sub/dom but not porn.

Safe Word – 1 / 4

Notes: All of the characters are in their twenties here, and this takes place long after the games. Managed to adhere to the request for 'no porn' from the prompt, but I did skate very close to the edge of that.

* * * *

Lucas had managed to defeat five of the Pokémon that his opponent – Brendan, one of four Champions visiting from different regions – had deployed, but his count had also been reduced to one, leaving his Infernape to face one of the strongest contenders that Hoenn had produced, a Blaziken he had been seeing on the news for years. Both Pokémon had the same types, and they used their awareness of that fact to circle each other, trying to find openings for their attacks. The Blaziken attempted a number of feints, but the Infernape had a good eye for tricks, and it did not fall for any of them. After three minutes of fruitlessness, Brendan gestured to his Pokémon to yield, granting the victory to Lucas.

"Looks like the story of the Twinleafers has claws to it," the white-haired Champion said, recalling the Blaziken to its Pokéball and returning it to his belt, "because the only person to put me on the ropes like that is the one who had your title before you." He observed, a smile on his face, "She's standing behind you, by the way. Guess she did take the S.S. Anne back here to Sunyshore, after all. Good times, Dawn." He saluted them both as he turned to stride into the Pokémon Center, whistling a tune as Lucas recalled his Infernape in the same way that he had recalled his Blaziken.

Lucas closed his eyes, inhaled once, and turned to face a good friend he had not seen for years, but, upon opening his eyes again, he almost did not recognize her, and his surprise must have been clear from his face, since she had a smirk on hers. She had the same eyes that he recalled, and her outfit had the same combination of colors – red and white – that she had always preferred, but, other than that, she had become a different person. Her black hair, done in a series of braids under a hat similar to the one she used to have, reached almost down to her knees, and her figure had a number of curves that it did not have in his memory. Before, she had always been skin-and-bones Dawn. That had changed.

"H-Hey," he said, his voice sounding like a squeak in his ears, "long time, n-no see, huh? I-I mean, it's been –" She cut him off by pulling him into a hug. At first, he stiffened, surprised, but her hair had the same smell that he recalled, and he relaxed, returning the embrace. She looked different, but, in her heart, she was the same Dawn who used to tease him about how he liked to tie his shoelaces into bows, the same Dawn who got him a bag of candy hearts at the store, only to sneak several of them every time she visited him at his house. They – and Barry, too, always the third wheel until he became a Frontier Brain like his father – had been inseparable as kids. Time and distance had not changed that at all.

"S'good to see you, too," she answered before separating from him, though she added, winking, "I'm almost as happy to see you as I am to see a place with some civilization to it. Orre's a good place to stay sharp if you're a Trainer, but it's a little barren." She then reached into the bag at her hip, producing a handful of postcards as she noted, wrinkling her nose, "The mail there's not so great. I was afraid half of these would be lost on their way to you. So, here!" She almost threw them at him, but he managed to catch them before they had a chance to blow all over the place.

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Female Oddish and female Vilplume <3

Gijinka or actual pokemon?

Pokemon Ranger, Jack Walker/Spenser.

I don't care how it went down.


So want to see this. I wish I could write.

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Erika masturbating to a female character of your choice. It should involve perfume somehow.

To fantasies of that girl, of course *

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Gary/Leaf, animeverse. No longer children/caught in the act by Professor Oak.

They should both be 17 or 18 for this, please. Also, sassy and flirty Leaf for the win.

oh my god, this

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silver/kotone/gold. take that as you will.

I have a fanart for this. Do you want it

Not by me though.

Yes. - (Anonymous), 2010-03-16 12:02 am (UTC)(Expand)
Wes/Rui; good ole fashion bondage

"that's a shadow pokemon!!" rui would cry every freakin' time they saw one. wes was getting sick of it and he was going to do something about it.

so he took her to a seedy motel in pyrite town and stripped her. she was getting excited, her nipples hard and her pussy wet.

taking a length of rope, wes tied her up. he knew some good knots and there was no way she was getting out of there any time soon.

and then he checked out.

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Red/Yellow in the forest. o3o


WANT ;_;

(Might fill this if it comes to that. i suck at this pairing, but...)

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Writanon - (Anonymous), 2011-06-05 01:02 am (UTC)(Expand)
Candice/Maylene. As fluffy as possible, doesn't have to include sex but it can if you want.

I'll see what I can do, anon.

(no subject) - (Anonymous), 2010-02-21 08:54 pm (UTC)(Expand)
green/red, hand-holding

stfu i like my fluff

This would be so cute, wtf.

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Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon OT3

Someone tries to catch one of them and the other two defend it.

Harmony (1/2)

Vaporeon and Jolteon's heads shot up at the sound of a familiar scream. They glanced at each other, worried, then took off through the forest, Vaporeon leaping into the nearby stream and melting into it as Jolteon ran beside him.

They saw her at the same time, and Jolteon put on a burst of speed as Vaporeon shimmered, reforming on the riverbank. Flareon lay crumpled at the base of a large boulder, panting; although she could barely keep her eyes open, she still glared at the Trainer standing above her. A Wartortle stood by the human's side, and Jolteon let out a ferocious growl.

“Ultra Ball, go!”


The water Pokémon leaped in front of the Flareon, whipping the Poké Ball away with his tail. Simultaneously, Jolteon screeched, the scent of ozone thickening in the air as he leapt towards the Wartortle's throat. His jaws clamped down in a vicious Thunder Fang and the two Pokémon fell, tumbling together in a cloud of dust and sparks.

Vaporeon nudged Flareon with his nose; the flame Pokémon keened softly, but gave him a little lick, telling him that she was all right. Reassured, he scowled at the Trainer, who was completely taken aback by this sudden turn of events. “Three—all three of you!” he gasped, fumbling for another Ultra Ball.

Jolteon Thundershocked the Wartortle with a fierce scream, and it quickly fainted. The Trainer stopped at his Pokémon's cry; “Oh, Tempest—Ahh!” Vaporeon took advantage of his distraction and Water Gunned the Trainer squarely in the chest, throwing him back several feet. As he lay on the ground, dazed, Jolteon walked towards the Flareon, shaking his head to clear it of the Skull Bash he'd received, then sat down next to her. He licked his companion's fur as Vaporeon bumped his head under her chin, making anxious little sounds.

Since none of them could imagine obeying another human, this was the new life they had built after their Trainer's death. After all of his Pokémon had been released, they had naturally fallen together: Flareon in the middle as they snuggled in a pile, keeping all of them warm in the winter, Vaporeon catching fish for them to eat, and Jolteon giving the three of them light through the darkest nights. They were never lonely, and their days followed an easy routine—except, of course, when Trainers appeared. They were showing up more often these days, and it made the three Pokémon wonder if word was spreading about the three powerful Eeveelutions that had appeared outside Celadon City two years ago.

Really, they just wanted to be left alone. Was that too much to ask?

Harmony (2/2) - (Anonymous), 2010-04-11 02:51 am (UTC)(Expand)
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Pikachu/Eevee (male!Pikachu, female!Eevee)

Family, with a large litter of Eevees/eeveelutions please.

ongggg I so wanna draw this but it'll probably take a week or so.

(no subject) - (Anonymous), 2010-02-28 05:28 am (UTC)(Expand)

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